Desechos Humanos, video , 12'', 2015 Residency Hawapi- Emergentes Collective is invited to participate in a ten-day residency Huepetuhe, town in Madre de Dios province in Peru's rainforest. The main activity is based on the extraction of gold from the area. IN PURSUIT OF THE CLUE THAT SHINES (extract) In many ways, through their consumption of material goods, the residents of Huepetuhe physically process that which dominates their very world: gold. Every bodily action carries the mark of the metal, and in theory , each trace of their bodily functions produces it. To give form to these symptoms, the Emergentes offered clues and quasi-forensic material to support a diagnosis of complex network that makes up the fabric of the town. This series of exercises aimed to created a material mosaic of evidence-proof of existence born of the mining activity- speaking of gold not as something as physical and material as the elements produced by the human body itself. All animals create a shadow when they move, all animals defecate, sweat and groom themselves, all animals relentlessly seek sunlight. However, it is only the human animal that pursues gold, abstracts it and transforms it into a concept; something more than just shiny sand buried in the jungle mud. By tattooing their bodies and colouring their secretions the Emergentes explored these ideas both in the privacy of their hotel room and publicly in the streets of Huepetuhe. In a place where a commodity is found in bewildering proximity to the damage it creates, the Emergentes returned the abstract character of gold to its concrete, literal materiality, and thereby posed a question which Huepetuhe answer day after day and night after night. Matías Lebbé.